..”And the Lord said, let there be FIYAH”

There is a darkness to this. Not the scary, senseless, violent type of darkness. Something different, Melancholy perhaps. Melancholy dressed up as beats that sound like they come from another planet. The way he respects music and the way he shows no respect to it is truly mind blowing. This character is something else: he is cocky, sarcastic, pushes the borders.. or. He doesn’t even see the borders.. he just crosses them when ever it pleases him. Honestly He has very few f”cks to give. BUT on the other hand he possesses a major sense of vigilante justice synonymous to ”Robin Hood” You can hear this in his melodies, chord progressions, and instrumentation.. how he treats every sound and beat with care and love. He takes from the rich and gives to the poor. He’s a myth, draped in all black clothes, never speaks a word, and of course the ominous mask, yeah, THE MASK! If you look closely into the eyes for example, you’ll see that they are shaped as the “fire sign” from Japan and China.

All these details makes the whole thing something that could have been made up by the Marvel guys.. maybe it is? Maybe he’ll become the new addition to the Avengers!

Anyway, This is from him.. ” Okay, Listen up kids! There is a void.. a black hole of nothing, a boring vacuum. And it’s not YOUR fault.. It’s the machine’s fault. The grown-up, evil machine that keeps feeding you these countless meaningless trainwrecks, every day. (Especially on Fridays!!!!) I’m here to fix that.. I’m here to give you a commercial-like break of Happiness, well, maybe not happiness, but something good. Something better. And just so you know! It’s not that I HATE everything about the world today, just every song they’ve put out since ”Prodigy’s Fire starter”.

Well I’m here now, so YOU be the Fiyahstarters and I’ll be the FIYAH.

Oh, almost forgot… You’re welcome

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